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Recently the players who wore number 8 was Paul Ince, Nicky Butt, Wayne Rooney, Anderson and now the current number 8 will be Juan Mata

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Q: Who has worn the number 8 shirt for Manchester united?
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Who has worn the famous number 10 shirt for Manchester united?

Denis Law.

How many people have worn the number 11 shirt for Manchester united?


Who wears number two shirt for Manchester city?

Gary Neville wears the number two shirt at Manchester United.

Which Manchester United player has worn jersey number 42?

Currently John O'Shea wears the number 22 shirt.

Does Paul Scholes wear t-shirt number 8 in Manchester Utd team?

The person who currently wears number 8 for Manchester United is Anderson.

Players that have worn the number 7 shirt for Manchester united?

George Best Willie Morgan Bryan Robson Eric Cantona David Beckham Cristiano Ronaldo Michael Owen

What professional football players have worn number 18?

Paul scholes, manchester united

Which famous soccer players have worn number 19?

Dwight Yorke for Manchester United

Who plays in the number 17 shirt for Newcastle United?

Romain Amalfitano currently wears the number 17 shirt at Newcastle United.

All paul scholes shirt numbers since he joined Manchester united?

I think Paul Scholes has only ever worn No. 22 and 18 during his career at United.

Who worn number 12 out of famous footballers?

Phil Neville wears it at Ever ton, and Eric Cantona wore it , when he joined Manchester united from Leeds united. But he changed the number to 7 after Bryan Robson left Manchester United.

Who wears the number 18 jersey for Manchester United?

In the 2011-12 season, the number 18 jersey is worn by Ashley Young.