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That is Michael Phelps of the United States who has won 16 Olympic medals (14 gold, 2 bronze).

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2008-08-17 03:11:58
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Q: Who has won the most Olympic medals for swimming and how many has he won?
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In which Olympic sport has Australia won the most medals?


What country has the second most Olympic swimming medals?


Record for most Athletics Olympic medals won?

The record for most Athletics Olympic medals won was 19 medals by Michael Phelps in swimming at the 2012 London Olympic Games.

What Chinese team won the most medals in olympic history?


Who has won the most overall olympic medals for swimming?

Michael Phelps!!!!!!!!!!

Who won the most swimming medals?

Michael Phelps currently holds the world record for winning the most swimming medals. He has won 14 gold medals from swimming during the 2004 and 2008 Olympic games.

What Olympic sport did Zimbabwe win the most medals in?

Swimming ... Zimbabwe has won 7 medals in swimming, all by the great Kirsty Coventry.

Where is France winning the most olympic medals?

They have 7 each for swimming and judo.

Who has won the most olympic gold medals in swimming?

Michael Phelps (USA)

What award did phelps win in the 2008 Olympics?

Most decorated swimming, most Olympic gold medals all time, and most Olympic Gold medals in a single game.

Which American swimmer has the most Olympic medals?

As of yesterday August 8, 2008, Mark Spitz owns the most Olympic GOLD medals for swimming in a singe Olympic Games. Seven in the Munich 1972 Olympic Games. The Question was about the most Olympic medals owned by an United States swimmer so that might not be the answer sought.

Who won the most Olympic gold medals at the last Olympics?

michel gorden in swimming in 2008

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