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Sandy Koufax threw four no hitters, second only to Nolan Ryan's 7.

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Q: Who has the second most no hitters?
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Who had the second most no-hitters in the US?

In MLB history, that would be Sandy Koufax with 4. Nolan Ryan threw the most no hitters with 7.

How many games have been played at Fenway Park?

As of September 2014, there have been 14 no-hitters thrown at Fenway Park, which is the most in Major League Baseball. The second most is 11 no-hitters thrown at Dodger Stadium.

Are there more balls hit to second or short?

Most batters are right-handed, and on top of that, most of them are pull hitters. This is just an educated guess, but I'd have to say given those two facts I would think that more balls are hit to shortstop than to second base.

Who has the most career no-hitters?

Nolan Ryan has thrown seven no-hitters, that is the most in Major League Baseball history.

What mlb team has most one hitters in history?

New York Mets- 32/ 1-Hitters

What pitcher has a recorded the most no-hitters?

it is Nolan Ryan

How do you determine a baseball hitting line up?

You usually have your strongest hitters 4th and second strongest 5th. The worst ones are usually at the bottom of the line up. Usually your slap hitters are before the 4th batter. Homerun hitters are 4th and 5th.

Who caught the most no hitters in Major League Baseball?

Jason Varitek caught four no hitters, which is an MLB record for a catcher.

Who is Craig Biggio?

Craig Biggio is a Houston Astros baseball player. He plays second base, has over 3,000 hits, and is most likely a future Hall of Famer. He has the record for most hit by pitches lifetime, and is one of the greatest leadoff hitters of all time.

What pitcher has recorded the most no-hitters?

Nolan Ryan with 7

Who caught the most one-hitters in MLB?

jason veritek

What MLB team has the most one-hitters?

ny mets