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Pat Summitt is the all-time winningest coach in NCAA Basketball history, men or women, in any division.

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Q: Who has the most collegiate coaching wins How many do they have?
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How many wins did Jimmy Johnson have in the NCAA?

Jimmy Johnson compiled a career collegiate coaching record of 81-34-3 with Oklahoma State and Miami (FL).

What professional sports team in any sport have the most overall wins?

Michigan in College Has The Most Collegiate Wins In America

Who has the most wins in an NBA coaching career?

Lenny Wilkens (1,332)

What coach has the most collegiate wins in division 1A and 1AA and 2?

Joe Paterno

How many coaching wins did Don Shula have in the NFL?

none he was a dancer

How many career coaching wins for Pat Summitt?


Is Pat Summitt the record holder for most coaching wins in women's basketball?

Pat Summitt has the most wins in either men's or women's basketball with 1,098 wins.

Is the collegiate coach with the most division i NCAA wins in men's basketball?

Mike Krzyzewski with 927 victories.

Who is the most winning college basketball coach still coaching today?

coach k from with most wins all time is still alive and kicking but not coaching (bobby knight)

Who has the most coaching wins in Division III basketball?

Coach with Most Div III Basketball WinsGlenn Robinson, at 799 wins as of 2-6-2011 has the highest number of wins in Division III basketball history. The NCAA Division III basketball coaching records through 2009 verify that Robinson is the coach with the highest number of wins Ryan Summers is mentioned nowhere in the NCAA Coaching records, for any division.

How many seasons did bud grant play in the CFL and nfl and how many wins did he accumulate?

290 wins total: 10 years coaching the Bombers and 17 seasons with the Vikings

What wins football games?

Talent, Coaching, Execution, Speed, Power, lack of mistakes. And of course, scoring the most points.

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