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As far as league goals are concerned, it is Arthur Rowley with 434.

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2010-01-21 10:55:40
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Q: Who has scored the most goals ever in English football?
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Who is scored the most ever goals in English football?

Alan Shearer 260 goals

Who has scored most goals ever in his entire career in English football?

Alan Shearer, 260 goals

Who has scored the most ever football league goals?

The most goals scored in a footballers career is over 1000 goals by Pele.

Who has scored the most goals ever in football?

Pele is second and i am first

Who scored the highest number of goals ever in their career in football?

Stephen Mamabolo

What is the highest amount of goals scored in a football match?

the highest score in football ever is 32-0 it was really 31-0 but they scored SO many goals they lost count!!!!!!!

Who has scored most goals ever?

Pele has scored the most goals ever with over 1200 goals.

Who has scored the most own goals ever?

Pele has scored the most goals

What is the quickest score in football?

As the countdown to the 2014 World Cup continues, we look at the fastest ever goals scored at football's grandest competition.

Have away goals rule ever counted in English football?

no only in london

Who scored the most goals in Top Flight football?

== == Pel� has scored the most goals in professional top flight football. He ended his career with a total of 1281 goals in 1363 matches, becoming the highest goalscorer in professional football ever. Incorrect - Many people would say that, but Artur Friedenreich, a former Brazilian international from way before Pele's time, scored around 1365 goals in top flight football.

How many goals has Wayne Rooney scored ever?

Rooney has scored 21 goals this season The EPL Table

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