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It is not discovered, It's a martial art developed in the Philippines that was brought to the islands long before it was called Arnis. Arnis is a Spanish word (Harness of the hand).There are no known record where there is a single source of where Arnis,Eskrima, and Kali(Filipino Martial Arts) originated. While there is similarities or common origins from Indonisiean and Malasian arts, cultural and environmental conditions evolved Filipino Martial Arts, From Mindanao(kali), Visayas (escrima) and Luzon(Arnis).

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Q: Who discover arnis in the Philippines?
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Regional names of arnis in the Philippines?

Arnis-was a bogu

Who invented the modern arnis?

The Philippines

Where did arnis come from?

Arnis originated from the Philippines. The early Filipino farmers were the first to use it for self-defense.

What are the materials used in arnis?

Arnis is the name of martial arts in the Philippines. Some of the equipment used to fight in Arnis includes knives, sticks or weapons with blades.

When was arnis introduce to the philippines?

kwento mo sa pagong............:p

What is arnis martial arts?

Arnis is a filipino martial art that uses a lot of weapons especially the wooden stick called "BASTON", Arnis is the National Sport of the Philippines. its like a sword fighting

What are the 12 striking arnis?

You mean striking Point? Arnis is a martial arts in the Philippines that are based on sticks.Besides that,I knew a few but I forgot.I know,sorry.

What are the types of arnis?

There are various types of Arnis, which is a Philippines style of marital arts that includes weapons. There is Eskrima, Estocada, Estoque, Garrote, Sitbattan, Sinawali, and Pagkalikali.

What is the national play of Philippines?

Arnis. The new National Play of The Philippines and Sipa or other words "Kick" has decline it's offer to still be the National Play of The Philippines.

When did Magellan discover the Philippines?

Magellan and his expedition were the first Spaniards to reach The Philippines, but they did not discover it. They reached The Philippines on March 16, 1521.

Did Columbus discover the Philippines?


Who discover Philippines?

abcoures me demet

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