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Andrei Kanchelskis

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Q: Who are the players to play in the old firm merseyside and Manchester derbies since1992?
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7 players who played in both the Merseyside and Manchester derbies who have also won the Champions League?

Pele Moore giggs charlton

Which players have played in merseyside And old firm derbies?

Michael Ball

Which players have played in the Manchester Liverpool and Glasgow derbies?


What is a derby in football soccer?

A derby is a game which is played between two teams from the same town or city. There is usually a big rivalry in these games, some players even refer to derbies as cup finals, although these are usually the players who never get to a cup final. For example, Manchester City vs Manchester United is the Manchester derby. Liverpool vs Everton is the Merseyside derby etc.

How many Players have played in the Manchester derby merseyside derby and el classico?

Steve McManaman

Who are the two players to score in the Manchester and Mersey side derbies in the same year?

Nicolas Anelka and Andrei Kanchelskis. Anelka did it in 2002, scoring for Liverpool and Manchester City. Kanchelskis did it in 1995 scoring for Manchester United and Everton.

Name the players to have played in the merseyside derby Manchester derby and north London derby?

Paul Walsh Paul Stewart Nicholas Anelka

What 4 players have played in the merseyside derby the Manchester derby and the el classico?


7 players 2 have won the champions league an played in Manchester an merseyside derbys?

Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes 1999 champion league winners.

Name 6 players who have played in the Liverpool and Manchester derbies and won the champions league?

Steven Gerrard, carragher, van de saar, ronaldo, Ryan giggs, paul sholes

Which players have played in the Merseyside derby the Manchester derby and the champions league final?

Didi Hamann Jesper Blomqvist Steve McManaman Nicolas Anelka Wayne Rooney

How many players have won 2 home run derbies?


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