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The countries to reach the semi finals in the 2010 world cup are Spain, Holland, Germany and Uruguay.

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Q: Which team got to world cup semi final in 2010?
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Which team most enter semi final in world cup history?

I think it is Holland.

Has any African team ever reached the semi final?

has a African team ever won the world cup

Which team beaten by Pakistan in th Semi-Final of T20 World Cup 2009?

south Africa

Which team was the only team not to lose a match at the soccer world cup 2010?

Holland lost the final world cup match their first loss in 2010 world cup.

Which team did India lose to in the semi-final of the 1987 icc cricket World Cup?

England won by 35 runs

Star of Portugal team semi-final 1966?


Is Uruguay good at soccer?

Yes Uriguay is a good football team in the 2010 world cup they reached the semi finals.

Who was the first team to lose a semi final at Wembley?

Arsenal 1991

Which team did India lose to in semi final of the 1987 icc world cup?

India lose to England in 1987 world cup.England reaches the finals against Australia.

Does Germany have to keep the cup if they win the 2010 final?

no. they will have it intill the next team have won the world cup.

What team Spain won against in worldcup?

Spain beat Holland in the 2010 world cup final.

Is netherland good team 2010 world cup?

Yes Holland had a good team they played Spain in the final. And Spain won it A.E.T.