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Second basemen Rogers Hornsby and Davey Johnson both hit 42 home runs in a season; in 1922 and 1973, respectively.

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Q: Which national league second base man had the most home runs in a single season?
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Who holds the national league record for RBIs in a single season?

Hack Wilson holds both the National League and the Major League records for RBIs in a single season. He drove in 191 for the Chicago Cubs in 1930.

In baseball who holds the record for most RBIs?

Career and Single Season RBI LeadersHank Wilson of the Chicago Cubs holds the major League record for RBIs in a single season with 191 hit in 1930. New York Yankees, Lou Gehrig holds the American League record for RBIs in a single season with 184 in 1931. Hank Aaron holds the Major League record for career RBIs with 2,297 and the National League record with 2,202. Babe Ruth is second in career RBIs with 2,218, and hold the American League career RBI record with 2,201.

Who holds the American League record for RBIs in a single season?

Lou Gehrig holds the American League single season record for RBIs with 184 in 1931.

Most Goals Conceded in the premire league?

Most league goals conceded in a season: 141, Darwen F.C. (Second Division, 1898-99) Most goals conceded by a single goalkeeper in a season: 85, Paul Robinson, (Leeds United, 2003-04)

What major league hitter has single season record for strikeouts?

Adam Dunn

Who won the Sportsman of the Year Award in 1998?

1998 Mark McGwire Baseball Single-season home run record1998 Sammy Sosa Baseball National League MVP

What Major League Baseball player holds the Major League Baseball single season home run record?

Barry Bonds set the single season home run record with 73 home runs in 2001.

Did Jackie Robinson set any records?

Jackie Robinson holds the career record for field percentage by a second baseman, .992 (minimum of 150 games). He shares the single-season record for most double plays by a second baseman, 137 in 1951. He led the National League in stolen bases and in double plays by a second baseman on several occasions.

Which Yankee holds the record for most rbi's in a single season in the American league?

That is Lou Gehrig with 184 RBIs in the 1931 season.

What player played the most positions in a single season in major league baseball?

joe morgan

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In the history of the Premier League Alan Shearer holds the record for the most goals scored with 260 goals. Andrew Cole is second with 187. In a single season it is Andrew Cole with 34 in the 1993-94 season and Alan Shearer with the same number, 34 in the 1994-95 season.

Which Tottenham Hotspur player scored the most Premier League goals in a season?

Teddy Sherringham currently holds the record for the most league goals in a single season, being a total of 21 goals.He achieved this in the inaugural 1992 - 1993 Premier League Season.

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