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phillip degan (Man U)

James Morrison (West brom)

Emmanuel Eboue (Aresenal)

isah osbourne (villa)
Matt Derbyshiere (Blackburn)
James sinclair (Bolton)

Lukas Jutkiewicz (Everton)
Danny Murphy (Fulham)
Micky Featherston (Hull)
Benjani (Man city)
mikael silvestre (Man u)
Steven taylor (Newcastle)
Demar phillips (Stoke)
Russell anderson (Sunderland)
Ben alnwick (Spurs)
Calum davenport (Hammers)
Henri Cammara (Wigan)

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Cristiano Ronaldo is 17 for his national team, Portugal.

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Quaresma from Internazionale wore the number 77.

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Gianluigi Buffon with juventus wore the number 77 from 2019

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David Beckham and Christiano Ranaldo

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gabriel Batistuta Biography

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Taj Gibson

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Q: Which famous soccer players have worn 17?
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What famous women soccer players from the United States have worn the soccer jersey number 17?

Tobin Heath, andAlex Morgan was 17 before Tobin. Indi Cowie, Yael Averbuch, and Lori Chalupny all wore 17 for UNC

What famous soccer players wears 17?

Pedro - FC Barcelona Nani - Manchester United -Cristiano Ronaldo used to wear number 17 for the portuguese international team

How much do soccer players get played?

mostly 80,000 ~ 100,000 euro per week for famous guys. Young players who are like 17 years old get paid about 3,000 euro per week.

Which famous soccer players have worn the jersey number 45?

It is the Russian Andrey Arshavin at Arsenal.

Soccer players born on September?

mia hamm was born in march 17

Soccer players number 17?

Nani- Man u Pedro Rodriguez- Barcelona

What is the average age of youth soccer players?

Youth team players generally start at a very young age. Players like Neymar started playing at the age of 7. Usually they are 15-17 years of age.

Are there 17 rules in soccer?

There are 17 laws that outline the rules of Association Football (soccer).

What active baseball players have worn the number 17 on their jersey?

Nelson Cruz (Texas Rangers)Todd Helton (Colorado Rockies)(please add to this list)

What professional soccer player wears 17?

Cristiano Ronaldo wears 17 when he plays for Portugal.

For a U14 soccer team how many players are on a team including subs?

The number of players on a soccer team, any age group, varies. Most people will say about 17-18 is a safe number. You have 11 starting players and 6-7 substitutions. This way if a player is injured, sick, or unable to make a game or tournament there are still enough players to take part in the game. You always want to have at least 3 subs.

What is Landon Donovan's Jersey number for the USA Soccer team?

He was number 21 until recently he changed to number 10 which is suppost to be worn by the playmaker.