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The Super Bowl.

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Q: Which event has the most viewers - the Super Bowl or the NCAA Tournament?
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What are the rules as to where the Super Bowl is played?

There aren't any set rules, per se. Usually, the site of the Super Bowl is selected by the NFL, using characteristics for choice such as climate, night life and the ability to accomodate nearly a million viewers, media and production crews, etc.

Does the Super Bowl happen on the same day every year?

No, the Super Bowl does not happen on the same day every year. The event always tries to set a day on the Sunday of the last week of January. When this happens, sometimes the Super Bowl will end up taking place on the first days of February. For example, the Super Bowl in 2014 took place on February 2nd.

If the Pro Bowl is before the Super Bowl will that not cause potential injuries for the Super Bowl players?

Pro Bowl players on the two Super Bowl teams will not participate in the Pro Bowl.

Which number Super Bowl is this?

The 2010 Super Bowl is Super Bowl XLIV or 44.

What NFL coach with Super Bowl rings is not in the hall of fame?

Don McCafferty (Super Bowl V), Tom Flores (Super Bowls XV and XVIII), Bill Parcells (Super Bowls XXI and XXV), George Seifert (Super Bowl XXIV and XXIX), Jimmy Johnson (Super Bowl XXVII and XXVIII), Barry Switzer (Super Bowl XXX), Mike Holmgren (Super Bowl XXXI), Mike Shanahan (Super Bowls XXXII and XXXIII), Dick Vermeil (Super Bowl XXXIV), Brian Billick (Super Bowl XXXV), Bill Belichick (Super Bowls XXXVI, XXXVIII and XXXIX), Jon Gruden (Super Bowl XXXVII), Bill Cowher (Super Bowl XL), Tony Dungy (Super Bowl XLI), Tom Coughlin (Super Bowl XLII), Mike Tomlin (Super Bowl XLIII), and Sean Payton (Super Bowl XLIV).

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What event has more viewers Wrestle mania or the super bowl?

The Super Bowl has more viewers than Wrestlemania. 19 of the top 20 most viewed programs in the history of US are Super Bowls.

Does the super bowl or the champions league final hove more viewers worldwide?

Based on the current ratings system, The Super Bowl still ranks as the worlds most watched single game sporting event. However in 2009 the UEFA drew a record 109,000,000 viewers, surpassing that years Super Bowl, which has an estimated audience of 106,000,000 viewers.

What is the number of Super Bowl viewers in 2009?

95.4 million viewers

Who has played in a super bowl that has won a master's tournament?

No winners of the Masters Golf Tournament has ever played in a Super Bowl.

WHich Super Bowl had the most television viewers?

SuPer bowl 45 greenbay vs steelers

What region had more viewers for the super bowl?


Does the super bowl get more viewers then the Stanley cup?


How many american viewers for Super bowl XLiii?

About 111.5 million people watched the Super Bowl 48.

How many televised viewers In 1966 Super Bowl?

27 million

How many people watched Super Bowl 48?

Super Bowl (48) XLVIII, played on February 2, 2014, had 112.2 million viewers.

What makes the Super Bowl an annual event?

The Super Bowl is an annual event because it occurs once a year, at the end of each NFL season.

What was the biggest project beyonce has done?

As an entertainer, it is performing at the super bowl. It is impossible to be commercialized in front of 110 million viewers, if not trough the super bowl half time performance