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Manchester United. The 'Red Devils' have won 13 Premier League titles since 1992-93 season and 7 more since 1908 as First Division titles, winning a total of 20 top flight league titles

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2014-12-22 01:08:50
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Q: Which English Premier league club has won the most premiership trophies?
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Which English Premier league club has won the premiership trophies and the FA cup?

Arsenal and Manchester have won both cups in one year.

When did they form the English premier league?

The English Premiership was formed in 1992.

Which premiership club has never relegated?

english premier league

How many teams in the premiership?

There are 20 teams in total in the premiership. Outside of England, the premiership is known as the English Premier League.

What England managers have won the Premier League?

No English manager has won the Premiership

How many teams are in the English premiership?

There are 20 teams in the English football premiership. Strictly speaking, it's called the "Premier League" now.

Which is the richest trophies in English football?

the richest are probably the premier league and the FA cup.

What is included with the Barclays premiership?

There is no such thing as Barclays premiership. However, there is a league named Barclays Premier League which is a league from England. Their official website is Premier League.

When does English premier league start 2013 - 14?

Barclay English premiership start for 2013-1214 begins ?

What premier league footballer has won the the premiership and been relegated from the premier league?

Tim Flowers

What trophies does Wayne Rooney have?

English Premiership, Carling Cup, Community Shield, World Club Championship and Champions League.

Which year was the english premier league name changed?

The official name of the English Premier League - the top football division in England - is the Barclays Premier League. It has been sponsored by Barclays Bank since 2004 - and was known as the Barclays Premiership between 2004 and 2007.

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