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pittsburgh's mellon arena

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Q: Where did the eagles play their first game ever?
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Who did the Pittsburgh Steelers play in their very first playoff game ever?

The Steelers played the Philadelphia Eagles in their very first playoff game. It was on December 21, 1947, and the Eagles won 21-0.

Who did the Cleveland Browns play in their first NFL game?

Philadelphia Eagles

Did the Eagles ever play the Carolina Panthers in the playoffs?

Yes, the Philadelphia Eagles have played the Carolina Panthers in the playoffs. The played in the 2003 NFC Conference Championship game. The Eagles lost 14-3.

Did the band the eagles ever play albatross?


When did dallas play first ever football game?


When did the Dallas Cowboys play their first game ever?


When did the eagles first play in the vet?

The Eagles played at Veterans Stadium between 1971-2002. The first regular season game was played September 26, 1971 against the Dallas Cowboys. The Eagles lost 42-7.

What is the first shooting game ever made?

it was a 1919 game its called gun or gun(you can not play it)(its to old to play it)

Who was the first female to play in a NBA game?

No female has ever played in an NBA game.

When and where did Purdue University play their first ever football game?


Who will eagles play in the playoffs if they get 2 seed?

If Chicago beats Green Bay in the first round they will play Chicago. If, St. Louis wins (which won't happen) and Green Bay wins the Eagles will play St. Louis. If the Saints win and Green Bay wins the Eagles will play the Saint. So, the Eagles can't play Green Bay. (except NFC Championship Game) So, Eagles can play Chicago, St. Louis, or the Saints.

Who did the Eagles play in the 2005 NFC championship game?

The Eagles defeated the Atlanta Falcons 27-10 in the 2005 NFC championship game.

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