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JOhn Walker won his Olympic Gold medal in 1976 in the Montreal Olympic Games for the 1500 meters. Hope this helped! Viola.

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Q: Where did John Walker win his Olympic medal in 1976?
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How many gold medals john walker the athlete won?

New Zealand's John Walker won 1 Olympic gold medal, that in men's 1500 meter run at the 1976 Summer Games in Montreal.

Who is the oldest olympic medal winner?

john copley

What are facts about john walker?

is a former middle distance runner from New Zealand. Walker was the first person to run the mile in under 3:50. won the Olympic Games 1500m in Montreal in 1976

Who has ever won a gold olympic medal for new zealand in the 1500 running race?

Through the 2008 Games - 1) Jack Lovelock - 1936 Games in Berlin 2) Peter Snell - 1964 Games in Tokyo 3) John Walker - 1976 Games in Montreal

How many olympic gold medals have been won in 1500m run for nz?

3 ... Jack Lovelock in 1936, Peter Snell in 1964, and John Walker in 1976.

How many new zealand runners have run and got a gold medal in the 1500m sprints?

Three. 1936 - Jack Lovelock 1964 - Peter Snell 1976 - John Walker

What sport did John Baxter Taylor win an Olympic medal?


Who won the 1500m in 1976 Olympics New Zealand?

John Walker.

Who was the first African athlete to won a Olympic medal?

John Baxter Taylor Jr.

Who won New Zealand's last gold medal in track and field at an olympic games?

That was Valerie Vili who won gold in women's shot put at the 2008 Games in Beijing.Prior to Vili, New Zealand's last gold in athletics was at the 1976 Games in Montreal when John Walker won the men's 1500 meter run.

Who won the only medal for gb in winter 1976 Olympics?

John Curry

Who was the gold medal winner in 1976 Olympics for New Zealand?

New Zealand won two gold medals in the 1976 Summer Olympics. One was won by the men's field hockey team and the other by John Walker in the men's 1500 meter run.

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