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the flyers won

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Q: When is the Philadelphia Flyers vs Montreal Stanley cup first game?
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When did the Philadelphia Flyers win their first Stanley Cup?


When did the flyers win their first stanley cup?


When did the Montreal Canadiens win their first Stanley Cup?

The Montreal Canadiens won their first Stanley Cup in 1916.

What was the first baseball team to have a stadium with a roof?

the first baseball tea to have a roof was the philadelphia flyers the first baseball team to have a roof was the philadelphia flyers

Who won the first Stanley cup?

Montreal CanadiansThe Montreal Hockey Club.

Where was the Stanley cup first won?

montreal canda

Where was the first Stanley cup awarded?

Montreal AAA

Where Stanley cup was first won?

The Montreal Amateur Athletic Association, affiliated with the Montreal HC (Hockey Club) was the first team to win the Stanley Cup in 1893.

What team was the first team to win the Stanley Cup?


When did the Buffalo Sabres win the Stanley Cup?

The Buffalo Sabres have never won the Stanley Cup. They went to the Stanley Cup finals twice. The first time was in 1975 against the Philadelphia Flyers, where they lost in 6 games. The second in 1999 was another loss in 6 to the Dallas Stars.

When was the first Stanley cup given out?

The first Stanley Cup was given out in the 1960's. The first team to win it was the "Montreal Hockey Club".

Since the Start What teams have won the Stanley Cup?

The Stanley cup first started in 1926 and was first awarded in 1927 and since then these teams have won, from the beginning: Ottawa Senators New York Rangers Boston Bruins Montreal Canadiens Toronton Maple Leafs Chicago Black Hawks Montreal Maroons Detroit Red Wings Montreal Canadiens Philadelphia Flyers New York Islanders Edmonton Oilers Calgary Flames Pittsburgh Penguins New Jersey Devils Colorado Avalanche Dallas Stars Tampa Bay Lightning Carolina Hurricanes Anaheim Ducks

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