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Europe 1800s

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Q: When and where did the football appear?
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Why does the term 'Association Football' Not appear in the description of the Category 'Football - Soccer'?

It does appear in the description, ..the game is sometimes known as 'Association Football' to distinguish it from other football games like..

When did the football first appear?


When and where did the object the football appear?

The football was found in 1888 and was found in England.

What letter does not appear in any of the English football league teams?

j does not appear

Where did the football first appear?

The first form of the football was the English Rugby's ball.

When did Liverpool football club appear in the fa cup final?

every time

What happened to Mark Harmon?

football injury that makes him appear to be knocked kneed

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On 13-12 you bomb the slope with the white bird behind the slingshot. The football will appear in golden eggs

What happened to Mark Harmon's leg?

football injury that makes him appear to be knocked kneed

Does temperature affect the amount of air in a football?

Yes, the football will appear "flat" as the air compresses in cold weather. Air expands as it warms, and so air in a football, tire, etc. will do the same.

How many high schools play football in US?

Quickly sampling 12 school districts roughly 85% of high schools appear to have football teams. This is hardly scientific sampling. And by Football I am assuming American Football rather then Soccer.

Who is the Shortest pro football player?

Darren Sproles 5'6 and Rudy, he didn't appear to be over 5'0

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