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Jerry Jones bouth the Dallas Cowboys in 1989

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2010-12-13 04:56:30
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Q: What year did Jerry Jones buy the cowboys?
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When did jerry Jones buy the cowboys?

In February 1989.

Who did Jerry Jones buy the cowboys from?

Jerry Jones bought the team from Bum Bright in 1989.

When did Jerry Jones buy the Dallas Cowboys?

Jerry Jones bought the Dallas Cowboys from H.R. "Bum" Bright on February 25, 1989.

Did Jerry Jones buy Texas Stadium?

No, he bought the rights to lease the stadium when he purchased the Cowboys in 1989.

Did Mark Cuban buy the Dallas Cowboys?

No. Jerry Jones has been the principal owner of the Dallas Cowboys since 1989, and it appears the the team will be run by his family for the foreseeable future. Eldest son Stephen is the Cowboys' executive vice president and chief operating officer. Daughter Charlotte Jones Anderson is an executive vice president in charge of the Cowboys' brand worldwide. And Jerry Jones Jr. is an executive vice president who oversees the club's sales and marketing efforts.

How much money would it cost to buy the Dallas Cowboys?

The Dallas Cowboys would cost you a pretty penny, that's for sure! In 1989, Jerry Jones and his partners bought the storied National Football League team for $140 million dollars. In 2013, Forbes magazine ranked the Cowboys as the NFL team with the most value -- $2.3 billion. It was the seventh consecutive year that Forbes ranked Dallas in the No. 1 spot.

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Where can one buy officially branded Dallas Cowboys watches?

You can buy official branded Dallas Cowboys watches online from the Football Fanatics website. Alternatively, you can purchase this merchandize from eBay.

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