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Q: What year did Diego Maradona scored the 'Hand of God' goal?
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Who scored the 'hand of god' goal in 1986?

Diego Maradona scored with his hand against England in 1986.

Who had the hand of god in football?

The Hand of God goal was scored (in clear violation of the Laws of the Game) by Argentina's Diego Maradona.

What are generally considered some of the best soccer goal performances by Diego Maradona?

Diego Maradona is an Argentinian soccer player. The goal that is considered his best is known as "the hand of god" goal. He scored it in a match against England.

What hand did Diego Maradona call the hand of god?

His own left hand, with which he scored a goal against England during the 1986 FIFA world cup.

What are Diego Maradona's two most famous plays?

Diego Maradona is famous for the hand of god , he illegally used his hand in the match verses England in 1986. And the second goal he scored in that match , was a goal of pure class and skill to beat the goalkeeper after dribbling past the players.

Who scored the best goal ever scored?

Diego Maradona Mexico 86 world cup vs England

In 1986 maradona scored a controversial goal against England how did maradona describe this goal?

a little bit of the head and the hand of god.

Who was England goalkeeper when maradona scored hand of god goal in 1986?


Who scored the 'hand of god' goal?

maradona in 1986 wc vs. England

Name the player whose famous goal is known as Hand of God goal?

Diego Maradona

What did maradonna do in the 1986 world cup?

Maradona scored a goal with the help of his hand. it came to be known as the hand of god goal.

What player in the World Cup of Mexico 1986 scored a goal 'with his head and the hand of God'?

Argentinean player Diego Armando Maradona (b. 1960) qualifies as such.

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