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* December 15, 1935: Detroit Lions - 26 New York Giants - 7

* December 28, 1952: Detroit Lions - 17 Cleveland Browns - 7

* December 27, 1953: Detroit Lions - 17 Cleveland Browns - 16

* December 26, 1954: Cleveland Browns - 56 Detroit Lions - 10

* December 29, 1957: Detroit Lions - 59 Cleveland Browns - 14

NFC Conference Championship game - January 12, 1992 (Washington Redskins - 41 Detroit Lions - 10)

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Q: What were the scores of the Detroit Lions championship games?
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When did the Detroit Lions last win?

The Detroit Lions won 9 games in 2016 but the Green Bay Packers won the division championship. They won the division in 1991. They last won the NFL championship in 1957. That was before the Super Bowl.

Last time Detroit Lions won 9 games?

The last season in which the Detroit Lions have won 9 games was the 2000 season.

When did Charlie Batch start for the Detroit Lions?

Charlie Batch started 46 games for the Detroit Lions from 1998-2001.

Where do the Detroit Lions play their home games?

Ford Field in Detroit Michigan is where they play home games.

How many playoff games did the Detroit Lions have at home?

Through the 2008 season, the Lions have played 5 home playoff games: 1) 1935 NFL Championship Game - Lions 26, Giants 7 2) 1953 NFL Championship Game - Lions 17, Browns 16 3) 1957 NFL Championship Game - Lions 59, Browns 14 4) 1991 NFC Divisional Playoff Game - Lions 38, Cowboys 6 5) 1993 NFC Wildcard Playoff Game - Packers 28, Lions 24

Did the Cleveland Browns or Detroit lionsplay in 7 nfl championship games in the 1950s but has never played in a super bowl game?

Yes. In the 1950s, the Browns played in 7 NFL Championship games and won 3 times. The Lions played in 4 NFL Championship games and won 3 times. The Browns played the Lions in the championship game in 1952, 1953, 1954, and 1957 with the Lions winning in 1952, 1953, and 1957 and the Browns winning in 1954. Neither team has played in a Super Bowl.

As of today how many games have the Detroit Lions and the Detroit Red Wings won?

The answer is 59.

How many games did the Detroit Lions win in 2010?


When is the last time the Detroit Lions won a home playoff game?

Through the 2009 season, that was January 5, 1992 when the Lions defeated the Dallas Cowboys, 38-6. The following week, the Lions lost the NFC championship game to the Redskins in Washington. The Lions have played four home playoff games in their existance, the 1991 Divisional Playoff game listed above and the 1935, 1953, and 1957 NFL Championship games. They won all four of those games.

Team roster for the 1994 Detroit Lions?

Click on the '1994 Detroit Lions' link below to see the roster along with games played and stats.

Who was the quarterback for the Detroit Lions in 1991?

Erik Kramer and Rodney Peete each started eight 1991 regular-season games for the Detroit Lions.

What nfl team lost 28 straight games?

Detroit Lions

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