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The goal was to create a social equility and economic democracy in Russia.

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When the Soviet Union ceased to exist Yeltsin and the presidents of Belarus and Ukraine announced the formation of

Israel withdrew from Gaza and Jericho in

NATO powers led a military peacekeeping force in

Which countries that had been united as one nation for 75 years agreed in early 1993 to divide themselves into separate republics

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Q: What were the goals of the Russian revolution?
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What was the achievement of goals to the Russian revolution?

One of the achievement of the Russian revolution is that it led to better administration of the civilians. The revolution also helped reduce inflation and the agrarian shortages of fuel, grains and food.

How remarkable was the Russian revolution?

how remarkable was the Russian revolution ? how remarkable was the Russian revolution ?

Was the Russian revolution a success or a failure?

It managed to overthrow the Csar and Imperial Russia, but it failed to reach its utopian goals.

In what Russian city did the Russian Revolution begin?


Which Russian led the Bolsheviks in the Russian revolution?

Vladimir Lenin led the Bolsheviks in the October Revolution of the Russian Revolution.

Who was the ruler of the Russian Revolution?

i was the ruler of the russian revolution

Did the us enter the Russian revolution?

no the us did not enter the Russian revolution

How did the Russian Revolution end?

The Russian Revolution ended when the Romanov dynasty was overthrown. The Russian Revolution began in 1905 and ended in 1917.

The opposing of Czar led to the frnch revolution?

The opposing of the Russian Czar led to the Russian Revolution, the death of the Russian monarchy, and the establishment of the Russian Communist State. The French had nothing to do with the Russian Revolution.

What role did Italy play in the Russian revolution?

Italy was not involved in the Russian Revolution.

What were the goals of the French Revolution?

The Goals of the French Revolution were Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity.

What was lenins main goal during the russian revolution?

He had two main goals that he wanted to achieve with his revolution. The first one was to make Russia a communist state and the second one to release a world revolution to overthrow the bourgeoisie.

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