What were Trotsky's weaknesses?

Updated: 11/2/2022
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Trotsky's weaknesses consisted of :

- He was sick frequently and so always missing important committee meetings, Stalin exploited this making sure that important decisions were made whilst Trotsky was off getting treatment.

- The fact that Trotsky was an ex-Menshevik was very important, the people saw him as a traitor and thought he only joined the Bolsheviks because he saw them as the group that was going to win. Stalin exploited this too.

- There was still alot of anti-Jew feelings in Russia, and Trotsky was Jew.

- Trotsky failed to take his opposition seriously, not seeing Stalin as a threat until it was too late because he was too arrogant and believed there was no threat.

- It could be argued he was gullible. When Stalin told him that Trotsky would not be able to make Lenin's funeral - he believed him not checking with anyone else for confirmation - when infact he could easily have made it.

-He was also too self confident which was a reason that led to his downfall.

-He was unpopular in the Politburo due to the fact that he was a Jew and an ex-Menshevik.

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Q: What were Trotsky's weaknesses?
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