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it was 1-1 Manchester United won on penalties

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Q: What was the score in 2008 when Manchester united fc won against Chelsea in the champions league?
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Who has won the premier league and the champions league?

Manchester United and Chelsea.

Which years did Chelsea win the champions league?

Chelsea won the champions league in 2012 against Bayern Munich.

How many goals has Ronaldo Cristiano scored against Chelsea?

How many goals Ronaldo score against Chelsea at Manchester United

Who has won the champions league in the Barclays premier league?

Manchester United, Liverpool and Chelsea.

Who has scored against Manchester United in the champions league?

Barcelona, Chelsea ,Arsenal, Leeds United and Tottenham (SPELLING?) All I KNOW OF!

Who has won the champions league then played for Manchester united?

Owen Hargreaves won the Champions League with Bayern Munich and later started against Chelsea for Man Utd in the Champions League final, thereby winning his second winner's medal.

Which 2 players missed the penalty kick in the 2008 Champions League Final against Manchester United?

It was Chelsea captain john terry .

What team did Manchester beat to reach the 2010 2011 champions league final?


Who broke Manchester United's record in the Champions League?

Chelsea or Manchester City, only those two I think.

Against whom did Manchester united play when it won the champions league?

Manchester United beat Bayern Munich in 1999. Andii t also beat Chelsea in the final

How many times did Chelsea win the European champions league?

Chelsea have never auctually won the Eruopean Champions League, however this year 2012 they have reached the finals just like they did 2008 when they lost against Manchester United during the penalty shoot out.

Who won the champions league 2007-2008?

Manchester United beat Chelsea in the final on penalties.

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