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Mickey Mantle number 7On April 17, 1951 the 19 year old Mickey Mantle broke into the big leagues with the New York Yankees wearing uniform number 6. After a bad start Mickey was sent down to the minors. He told his dad he was going to quit, and his father told him to pack his bags to come home. After a second thought to try again Mickey was then called up again to the Yankees, and was then issued number 7, the number he would wear the rest of his career.
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Mickey Mantle wore the number 7 his last year with the New York Yankees.

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Q: What was the last number that Mickey Mantle wore and who did he play for?
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What team mickey mantle play for last?

The New York Yankees

Did Mickey Mantle play with Babe Ruth?

No. Babe Ruth's last season with the Yankees was 1934 and Mickey Mantle's first season with the Yankees was 1951.

Who taught Mickey Mantle how to play baseball?

His dad

Did Mickey mantle's brother ray play baseball?


Did Mickey Mantle ever play a full season?

Yes, Mickey Mantle played a full MLB season on many occasions.

Did Mickey Mantle ever play for the Chicago White Sox?

No. Mickey Mantle played his entire career for the New York Yankees.

Why did Mickey mantle play baseball?

Because he felt like it?

Who inspired mickey mantle to play ball?

His dad and grandpa

What position did Mickey Mantle play when he was with the Joplin Miners?


What years did Bobby Richardson and Mickey Mantle play on the same team?

Bobby Richardson and Mickey Mantle were teammates on the New York Yankees from 1955-1966.

Did Mickey Mantle ever play for any other team besides the New York Yankees?

No, he did not. Mickey Mantle played all of his 18 seasons for the Yankees.

What minor league team did Mickey Mantle play for?

Joplin miners