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He was drafted 33rd overall by Atlanta in the 1991 draft.

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Q: What was the first NFL team Bret Favre played for?
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What team was Bret Favre drafted to?

farve was traded to the alanta falcons and played for them through the 91 season but didnt start and only played in i believe 4 games

Who was the first team Brett Favre played for in the NFL?

the Atlanta Falcons

Who was breet favre's first team?

Atlanta Falcons.

What is Brett Favre first nfl team?


Which team did Brett favor play for first?

Brett Favre Played for the Green Bay Packers first. Then the New York Jets, then the Minnesota Vikings.

The first team Brett Favre beat ever?

The Bengals

What team did Brett Favre play for the longest?

The Green Bay Packers. He played for the team for 16 years.

What Team did Packers QB Brett Favre first play for?

The Atlanta Falcons

What team did Brett favre first play for in the NFL?

The Atlanta Falcons, in 1991.

What Team did Brett Favre first play for?

The Atlanta FalconsHe played in only 2 games when he was a rookie. In the first game he didn´t throwed the ball but in his second game he played in that 1991 season, he throwed 4 passes, 2 incompletions and 2 interceptions.Also, he was sacked one time for -11 yds.That was the Brett Favre very first NFL experience

Against what NFL team did Brett Favre attempt his first career passes?

The Atlanta Falcons

What team was Brett Favre on when he completed his first pass?

Green Bay PackersBrett Favre won Super Bowl 31 with the Packers.