What was Lenin's personality?

Updated: 8/22/2023
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Lenin's personality is not as prominent as many other historical figures. (Such as Stalin for example).

Lenin was a closed, reserved man. However, noticeable traits include his determination, high self confidence, and extreme focus. It can be said that Lenin showed an obsession with revolution and hatred of authority.

Many of his traits were also his weaknesses. His determination can be seen as obsession, his self confidence as arrogance, his focus can be seen as tunnel vision. In many ways Lenin's traits led him to many mistakes, however, also led him to many successes.

As I said, its not easy describing Lenin's personality, as in many ways his actions support some of his traits, yet conflict with others.

Lenin was influenced by the works of Karl Marx, Nicholas (Nicholay) Chemyshevsky and his older brother Alexander who was a socialist activist.

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Lenin provided tight control. He had a degree of discipline which other parties lacked.

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leader ship of Europe

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Q: What was Lenin's personality?
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