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In 2010, Jim Thome wore #25 for the Minnesota Twins.

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Q: What was Jim Thome's number for the 2010 Minnesota Twins?
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How many runs did the Minnesota Twins score in the 2010 season?

In 2010, the Minnesota Twins scored 781 runs.

What was the Minnesota Twins 2010 record against the New York Yankees?

In 2010, the Minnesota Twins had a 2-4 record versus the Yankees.

Will the Detroit Tigers or Minnesota Twins win the the AL Central Division in 2010?

Twins by five games

Who won game 3 of the 2010 ALDS the New York Yankees or the Minnesota Twins?

The Yankees defeated the Minnesota Twins 6-1 in game 3 to win the 2010 ALDS 3 games to 0.

What were the Minnesota Twins regular season record for 2010?

94 Wins, and 68 Losses.

What was the Minnesota Twins 2010 record vs the Kansas City Royals?

The Twins won 13 games and the Royals won 5.

Were did Minnesota Twins play in Minnesota?

Met Stadium- 1961-1981 Metrodome- 1982-2009 Target Field- 2010-present

What was the Minnesota Twins 2010 record vs the Texas rangers?

7-3. 6 of the 10 games were played in Minnesota and the Twins won all 6. They went 1-3 in Texas.

Do the Minnesota twins play indoors?

The Minnesota Twins played indoors until April 12th, 2010, when they played they're first regular season game at their new home, Target Field.

Which MLB team has best record since 2010 all star break?

Minnesota Twins

Does Orlando Hudson play for the Minnesota Twins?

No. Orlando Hudson plays for the Sad Diego Padres, though he played with the Twins in the 2010 season.

Is the Minnesota Twins stadium covered?

The twins had a domed stadium called the Metrodome, until Target Field (which has no roof) opened up in 2010.

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