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Dan Kreider played the fullback position for the Steelers from 2000-2007.

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Q: What was Dan Kreider's position when he was with the Pittsburgh Steelers?
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What position does Dan Molls play?

Dan Molls plays Linebacker for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

What movie and television projects has Dan Kreider been in?

Dan Kreider has: Played Himself - Pittsburgh Steelers Fullback in "NFL Game of the Week" in 1965. Played Himself - Pittsburgh Steelers Fullback in "NFL Monday Night Football" in 1970. Played Himself - Pittsburgh Steelers Fullback in "2001 AFC Championship Game" in 2002. Played Himself - Fullback Pittsburgh Steelers in "NFL Thursday Night Football" in 2006. Played Himself - Pittsburgh Steelers Fullback in "NBC Sunday Night Football" in 2006. Played Himself - Pittsburgh Steelers Fullback in "Super Bowl XL" in 2006. Played Himself - Pittsburgh Steelers Fullback in "NFL Classics" in 2007.

What position does Dan McCullers play?

Dan McCullers plays Defensive Line for the Pittsburg Steelers.

How long has Dan Rooney owned the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Dan Rooney was the Steelers president from 1975-2002. An outright owner from 1988-2002. He then passed ownership to his son Art Rooney II in 2003.

What is the name of Art Rooney's son who took over the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Art Rooney Sr's son is Dan Rooney, who is the teams chairman.Dan's son, Art Rooney II, is the president and co-owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

What famous players who wore the number 63 in football?

Dermontti Dawson of the Pittsburgh Steelers wore # 63 in the 1990's.

Who is Dan Rooney?

Dan Rooney (1932-2017) was a member of the Rooney family that owned the Pittsburgh Steelers. He also served as US Ambassador to Ireland from 2009 to 2012. From 2003 to 2017, Dan Rooney was the chairman and part owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers, and was a non-playing inductee to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. His father, Art, founded the Steelers. At the time of his death, Dan Rooney and his son Art Rooney II controlled 30% ownership of the Steelers, after two other Rooney family members sold their own shares in the team. US actresses Rooney Mara and Kate Mara are the great-nieces of Dan Rooney.

What was the YA title football game with his famous photograph?

It was a game against the Pittsburgh Steelers at Pitt Stadium (in 1965 I believe). The win is considered one of the top 5 in Steelers history by current owner Dan Rooney. The picture was taken by a Pittsburgh Press photographer.

How long have the Rooney's owned the Pittsburgh Steelers team?

Art Rooney purchased the NFL franchise in 1933. The Rooney family till today still own the Steelers. Dan Rooney (Art's son) is the Chairman and Dan's son, Art Rooney II is the President.

Does Art Rooney of the Pittsburgh Steelers have any female children?

Steelers founder, Art Rooney, Sr., did not have any female children. He had five sons, Dan, Art Jr., Tim, Pat and John. The current Steelers president, Art Rooney II, has three daughters, Mary, Meghan and Annie. He also has a son named Dan.

When were the Pittsburgh Steelers created?

1933, the team was started by Art Rooney. Art's son Dan and grandson Art still run the team. They were known as the Pirates for their first few years, but changed their name to the Steelers in 1940.

Does Art Rooney still own the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Art Rooney Sr. died on August 25, 1988, but the Steelers are still owned by the Rooney Family. The teams chairman is Dan Rooney and the president is Art Rooney II.