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Mark Sanchez, Carson Palmer, Matt Leinart. Rudy Bukich.

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Q: What usc quarterbacks played in the NFL?
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What NFL team does Blake Mitchell play for?

None, USC Quarterbacks do not make it in the NFL.

What USC quarterbacks never started for USC?

There are a lot that never started at USC, if you mean QBs that went to NFL without starting at USC then Matt Cassel is one.

Usc quarterbacks in nfl?

Carson Palmer, Mark Sanchez, Matt Leinart, John David Booty.

Who are the USC quarterbacks who played in the NFL?

There have been quite a few USC quarterbacks to play in the NFL, but most recently Mark Sanchez of the New York Jets, Carson Palmer(now with the Oakland Raiders, originally drafted by the Cincinnati Bengals) and Matt Leinart(now with the Raiders, previously with the Houston Texans and Arizona Cardinals). Current USC Matt Barkley is expected to be a high pick in the 2013 NFL Draft. Don Lappe Editor of, as part of

Alabama quarterbacks who have played in NFL?


What Tulane quarterbacks played in the NFL?

Losman, Ramsey, king

Has the Airforce Academy ever had a QB play in NFL?

Quarterbacks are an important part of the offense team in football. There are no quarterbacks that have played in the NFL that attended the Airforce Academy.

Who are usc's former quarterbacks?

Mark Sanchez

How many Florida State quarterbacks played in NFL?

Tra Thomas

Who were the 10 oldest quarterbacks in the NFL?

who are the 10 oldest quarterbacks in the nfl ?

What college did NFL player Mark Sanchez play for?

He played college football at the University of Southern California.

What Ohio state quarterbacks have played in the NFL?

Terrelle Pyror is a former Ohio State quarterback that is playing in the NF. Troy Smith and Joe Germaine are also former Ohio State quarterbacks that played in the NFL.