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its not on fifa

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โˆ™ 2010-03-22 16:07:09
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Q: What the Russian premier league called in FIFA?
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FIFA 09 Russian league?

Good news people. The Russian Premier League is in FIFA 09. It has been confirmed on the Official FIFA 09 website. That isn't true, the Russian is league is not there, thanks alot, u got me hyped up for nothing!

Is the Russian premier league in FIFA 11?

It is. I know the leagues havent been officially released by EA yet but if you play the demo, on the start up screens there is a screen which shows the league badges. The badge at the bottom right is the Russian premier league. So yes, it is in fifa 11. The game looks absolutley amazing.

Can you get blue square premier league on FIFA 13?

Unfortunately you cannot get the Blue Square Premier League on FIFA 13. Nor will you be able to on FIFA 14.

Is the fa premier league on fifa 09 on psp?


What league is mangester united in on fifa 2009 the video game?

Barclays Premier League.

What team is arshavin on in FIFA 09?

Barclay premier league arsenal

Where is manchestar united on FIFA 08?

In the Barclays Premier League in England.

Will the rangers be in fifa13?

Ranger's will not be in FIFA 13 as they are no longer in the Scottish Premier League.

Where is shakhtar donetsk in fifa 13?

in russian league with zenit club

Can you have champions league on FIFA 10?

Yes you can. complete the f.a cup Barclays premier league and ecc cup

Who was the first player to score in a golden goal to get into the premier league?

To my knowledge, there is no golden goal overtime supported by the current Laws of the Game. Unless FIFA has changed the laws or the Premier League plays with modified FIFA rules, it has never happened.

What new leagues will be added to FIFA 2010?

ive got fifa 2010 on ps3 and x box there are no new league's but if you play fifa 10 on ps2 psp the Russian league is in it !

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