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Reggie Jackson and Paul Molitor share the record for most runs scored in World Series history with 10.

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Q: What player scored the most runs in World Series history?
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Who scored the first heartrick in the history of soccer?

Bert Patenaude is the player who scored the first hat trick in the history of soccer. He was a United States player and scored against Paraguay in the 1930 FIFA World Cup.

What is the name of the major league baseball player who holds the record for the most career runs scored in the World Series?

Mickey Mantle with 42 runs scored in 12 World Series.

Which player has scored the most goals in World Cup history?

Ronaldo With 15th Goals .

Which Indian player has scored the maximum runs in international cricket world cup history?

Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar. He also the maximum no of series played Person in ICC Cricket world cup Tournaments.

Which player has the most doubles in World Series history?

Yogi Berra and Frankie Frisch have the most doubles in World Series history with 10 each.

What soccer player scored the fastest goal in the World Cup?

Hakan Sukur of Turkey scored the fastest goal in World Cup history when he scored a goal in just 11 seconds at the 2002 World Cup finals.

Which player has scored the most tries in a single match in the rugby world cup series?

Marc Ellis

What player has the most doubles in World Series history?

Jacoby Ellsbury

Which player has scored maximum number of sixes in the World Cup history?

Saqib Imran and Shahid Afridi

Who scored the most amount of goals in a world cup?

Ronaldo, the Brazilian striker has scored 15 goals in world cup. He is the first player in the history of world cup to score that number of goals. Hameed

Which New York Yankees player has the most World Series rings?

Yogi Berra, has won the most World Series rings in baseball history as a player with 10.

Which player is in the record books for Most Runs during a World Series through 1988?

Most Runs Scored in a World Series through 1988: Reggie Jackson in 1977 - 10.

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