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Juan Marichal

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Q: What pitcher has the most career pitching wins against the Dodgers since 1920?
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What is the name of the pitcher aaron hit his 715 home run against?

Hank Aaron hit career home run 715 off of LA Dodgers pitcher Al Downing on Aprill 8, 1974.

How many home runs did Hank Aaron have against the dodgers?

Hank Aaron hit 95 career home runs against the Brooklyn/LA Dodgers.

Who won the gold glove for the dodgers in 1988?

Pitcher Orel Hershiser. It was the only Gold Glove Award of his career.

Which pitcher had the best career ERA against the New York Yankees?

Felix Hernandez

What Red Sox pitcher has the most career wins against the Yankees?

Curt Schilling

MLB most appearances by a pitcher?

Season: 106 by Mike Marshall of the Los Angeles Dodgers in 1974. Career: 1252 by Jesse Orosco whose career spanned 1979-2003.

What pitcher has the most career pitching wins against the NY Mets?

Greg Maddux - 35 wins (19 with Braves) Source - Fox Saturday Baseball trivia question, 7/18/09, Mets v. Braves

Which Brewers pitcher has 1118 career strikeouts?

No Brewers pitcher has 1118 career strikeouts

Who is the MLB Pitcher that played for the Twins Reds Mariners and Dodgers that hurt his shoulder at one point and has now retired?

Mike Morgan is the only pitcher who has played for those particular four teams in his career. He is now retired, and like all pitchers I assume he hurt his shoulder at some point in his career.

What team did Babe Ruth hit his 1st career home run against?

Babe Ruth hit his first career home run against the New York Yankees on May 5, 1915, against Yankees pitcher Jack Warhop at Yankees Stadium.

Which Major League Baseball pitcher has third most longest career?

Tied for third longest MLB career as a pitcher are Charlie Hough (1970-1994 for the Dodgers, Rangers, White Sox, and Marlins) and Jim Kaat (1959-1983 for the Senators, Twins, White Sox, Phillies, Yankees, and Cardinals) each at 25 seasons.

How many walks did Babe Ruth have as a pitcher?

Babe was credited with giving up 451 walks in his MLB pitching career ... 441 in the regular season and 10 in the World Series.

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