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Q: What percentage of NFL players played for a Texas high school?
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What percentage of high school football players in Texas are black?

a lot... I would venture to say over 75%

What percentage of NFL players come out of Texas?

At last 181 of the 1197 counted came from the state of Texas. Of the 1197 players 694 of them come from Southern states as well. The South is the primary hotbed for High School, College, and Pro football.

School with most NFL players in the secondary?

The University of Texas

What percentage of Nebraska football players are natives of Nebraska?

67.67(rep)% of players are from Nebraska this season. Others are from Kansas, Missouri, Texas and California.

Which high school football program in Texas has produced the most NFL players?

Corsicana High School

What NCAA school has the most active NFL players?

For the 2009 season, that is the University of Miami with 40 players that have played in at least 1 game during the season. LSU is second with 38 and the University of Texas is third with 37.

What NFL football players graduated from Ellison High School in Killeen Texas?

tommie harris

How many people at tournament table texas hold em?

Texas hold me poker is played with not more than 9-10 players.

Top 5 high school states with the most NFL players?

Florida, Texas, California, Virginia, Alabama

What school has produced the most NFL players?

Generally schools are measured by how many "quality" players they produce. But USC, Florida, and Texas produce by far the most averaging 3-4 players a year. That is alot.

When was Texas hold 'em invented?

The first Texas Holdem game was played in Robstown, Texas in the beginning of the 1900's. The game was brought to Las Vegas by Texas players, including Dolye "Texas Dolly" Brunson and Amiarillo Slim.

What current NFL team has the most players from Texas?

The Denver Brocos with 32 players from Texas on its 2013 roster

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