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The worst game loss the Bears ever experienced was September 27, 1964: Baltimore Colts 52, Bears 0.

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Q: What is the worst Chicago Bears loss ever?
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What is the worst loss in th Chicago bulls NBA playoff history?


What is the worst MLB loss record to start a season?

The 1988 Baltimore Orioles who lost the first 21 games of the season. They lost 7 games to the Indians, 6 to the Royals, 5 to the Brewers, and 3 to the Twins. Their first win came on April 29 against the Chicago White Sox.

Longest drive in NFL history?

The Boston Redskins had a 14:03 drive during the third game of the 1935 season against the Chicago Bears. Sammy Baugh ran for 56 yards and passed for 49, as the 'skins scored on their 23rd play of the drive. As a result of this drive, and the eventual loss of the game 33-17, Hall of Fame coach George Halas of the Bears, instituted the first three man linebacker formation in the NFL. Not only was this the birth of the legendary "Monsters of the Midway", it began a long tradition of hard-hitting, middle linebackers for the Bears.

What is Texas Tech's biggest football loss?

I don't know what is their worst ever, but in the 13th of September 1997, Texas had an embarrassing 66 - 3 lost to UCLA. that's the worst that I can remember. I believe that their worst loss came in 1999, when they lost to Nebraska 56-3. In 1998, they lost to Texas 58-7; in 1986 they lost to Miami (Fla) 61-11. Those, to my knowledge, are the only 50+ point losses by Texas Tech. Their biggest winning margin was in 1925; they beat Wayland Baptist 120-0. In modern times, they beat Nebraska 70-10 (2004), Northwestern State 75-7 (2007) and S/E Louisiana 62-0 (2006).

Has any nba team ever gone undefeated at home for an entire season?

No, the Cleveland Cavaliers' 1-loss home record that was solidified tonight (4/12/09) is the best home record in NBA history. The 1995-96 Chicago Bulls lost 2 games at home.

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Worst Loss in Chicago Bears History?

The worst game loss the Bears ever experienced was September 27, 1964: Baltimore Colts 52, Bears 0.

What was the worst loss in NFL history?

The worst loss in NFL history was in the 1940 NFL Championship game. In this game, the Chicago Bears defeated the Washington Redskins 73-0.

What is the Green Bay Packers worst loss?

December 7, 1980. The Chicago Bears beat Green Bay 61 - 7.

What is Iowa Hawkeyes worst loss ever in football?

Any loss to Iowa State is arguably the worst loss ever.

Which NFL team had the worst playoff loss?

Washington Redskins, who lost to the Chicago Bears 73-0 in the 1940 NFL Championship game.

What was the worst loss the Chicago Cubs ever had?

Game 6 of the 2003 NLCS better known as the "Bartman Game"

What is the Chicago Bears franchise win-loss record?

Through the 2012 season, the Bears all time win loss record is 722-526-42. It is the most wins ever by a franchise in the NFL.

What is the Chicago Bears overall record?

The Chicago Bears have a won/loss record of 705-515 as of the end of the 2008 season.

What was the win loss record of the 1985 Chicago Bears?

The bears record for 1985 was 14-1, the only loss was to the Miami Dolphins.

Who is the best nfl team ever?

1985 Chicago Bears: record 15 wins, 1 Loss and won the Superbowl 46 to 10.

What is the win loss record for the bears on monday night?

The win/loss record for the Chicago Bears currently is 18 wins and 32 losses as of 27Sept2010

What NFL team has the best overall win loss record?

Chicago Bears

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