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If it qualified as a wild card, a Super Bowl champion can play as many as 20 contests -- 16 regular season games, the wild card round, the divisional round, the conference championship and the Super Bowl. A team with a first-round bye wins 19 games on its way to the Super Bowl title.

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2013-01-30 17:07:42
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Q: What is the total number of games played by the Super Bowl champion?
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What two teams have won a Super Bowl without being the NFL Champion?

that is impossible That would be the New York Jets in Super Bowl III and the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl IV. There were four Super Bowls, which were called the AFL-NFL World Championship Game, played prior to the AFL-NFL merger in 1970. In these four games, the AFL champion played the NFL champion and two AFL Champions, the Jets and Chiefs, were victorious.

Does the NBA have a super bowl?

No. The NBA championship is the Finals series of 7 games, the champion winning 4 games. The first 2 games are played as home games for the team with the best overall record, the next three are away.

What games are played in Italy?

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How many Super Bowl games has Eli Manning played in?

he has played in 2 super bowls.

Why are there 45 super bowl games but teams have been around longer?

The Super Bowl was started when the National Football League and American Football League, rival leagues during the 1960s, got together to play a game pitting the champions of both leagues to determine a champion of American football. Prior to the 1966 season, the first season the Super Bowl was played, the NFL had their champion and the AFL had their champion and there was no game between the two.

How many games will be played in a 95 team tournament?

There will be 94 games. If a tournament is single elimination, the number of games will always be one less than the number of teams. This is because all teams must lose one game, except for the champion.

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Super Bowl games were played in Seattle WA?

Currently, there have been no Super Bowl games played in Seattle and none scheduled to be played in Seattle through 2011.

Who played in Last ten Super Bowl games?

Who played in last ten superbowl games?

How many Super Bowl games have been played?

There have been XLII (42) Super Bowls played in the history of the NFL.

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Which players in Super Bowl 46 have played in most Super Bowl games?

Prior, Tom Brady and Matt Light had played in 4 super bowls.

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