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The third quarter score was Colts-17 Saints-16.

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Colts lead 10-6

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25-31 Packers beating Steelers

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Q: What is the super bowl 45 quarter 2 score?
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What was the third quarter score of Super Bowl 45?

Third quarter: Green Bay 21, Pittsburgh 17.

What was the final score first quarter Super Bowl 45?

Green Bay Packers BEAT Pittsburgh Steelers, 31-25

What was the score for Super Bowl 45?

Green Bay= 31, Pittsburgh= 25

How many times did the score change in super bowl 45?

9 times

What was the score at the end of the first quarter in Super Bowl XLVI?

After the first quarter in Super Bowl XLI, the Bears led the Colts 14-6.

How many super bowls has aaron rogers won?

Aaron Rodgers has won 1 Super Bowl, Super Bowl 45. He was also Super Bowl 45 MVP.

What is the best Super Bowl?

super bowl 45

What will the score be in super bowl 44?

it's impossible to predict, but I'm saying Saints 45, Colts 34.

Did the Green Bay Packers beat the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl 45?

Yes, by the score of 31-25.

What was the longest punt in super bowl 45?

Pittsburgh's Kapinos' punt of 56 yards in the 1st Quarter was the longest punt in Super Bowl XLV. He also had the second longest of 54 yards.

How many times have won the Super Bowl?

There have been 45 Super Bowls, and accordingly, 45 Super Bowl winners.

What number in the series is Super Bowl 2011?

Super Bowl XLVThe 2011 Super Bowl is Super Bowl XLV (45).