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The world cup from the year 1970 onwards is a rotating trophy.

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Q: What is the rule to keep the world cup trophy for good?
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Who got to keep the original world cup trophy?

The original world cup, or the Jules Rimmet trophy was a rotating cup with a rule then that a country that wins the world cup for the third time ever can keep it for good. Brazil won their third world cup in 1970.And so kept it.It was later stolen.

Does the team that wins the world cup get to keep it?

The rule is that you keep it if you win it 3 times. They are kept, if you win it. So right now since Italy won in 2006, they still have it. If a new winner comes, like lets say Spain, Italy will pass down the trophy to Spain. And Spain will keep it for the next 4 years. But lets say Argentina wins it, they keep the trophy for good. Because the rule is, if you have won 3 World Cups, you keep the third trophy. When that trophy is gone, they'll bring in a new one. Unless they changed the rule.....

In what year was the World Cup Trophy renamed to Jules Rimet Trophy?

It was after the the 1970 world cup. As according to the old rule Brazil kept that cup as they won it for the third time.

How has the world cup changed since 1930?

In 1930 it was called the Jules Rimmet trophy , till 1970. That year Brazil won its third world cup, and according to the old rule Brazil were allowed to keep it. But in 1974 world cip a new gold cup was made and this is a rotating cup.

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How many nations will play in the World Cup?

Formerly the F.I.F.A rule was that a country should win it three times and then they could keep it for good. So Brazil is the only country to keep the cup . But now the rule has changed , and it will be a floating cup only.

How many teams had to keep the world soccer trophy?

i think that you used to have to win the world cup 3 times to win but now that rule has changed and you cant keep it

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Do you have to in the world cup 3 times in a row to keep it?

That rule was there by f.I.F.A till the year1970. The new world cup is a circulating cup.

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