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Q: What is the record for the most overtime wins in the playoffs in the NHL?
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What NFL team has most overtime wins?

As of today, January 1st, 2012, Arizona Cardinals have the most overtime wins. The hold the record at 4 overtime wins in one season.

Most NFL overtime wins?

Tom brady has the record with 7, Terry Bradshaw has 5. Tom brady is perfect in overtime at 7-0

In what year did the Tennessee Titans have the most wins?

The 2008 Tennessee Titans tied their record for the most number of wins. Their record was 13-3 at the end of the season. The Titans eventually fell to the Baltimore Ravens in the playoffs.

Nba team most wins in a season including playoffs?

Pretty sure this is the correct answer. 72-10 regular season 15-3 playoffs leading to a championship 87-13 overall I would assume this is correct because the Bulls hold the regular season record for wins in a season. Adding to this the most wins possible in the playoffs at that time and I believe this is correct.

Can you end an NHL game in a tie?

No. In regular season games it will go into a 5 minute overtime period and the fist one to score wins. If it is still a tie after overtime a shoot out occurs. In the playoffs there is a 20 min overtime period and the first to score wins, if no one scores another overtime period is played.

In the NHL what do the three number in a team's record stand for?

wins-losses-overtime losses

What is the record for the most overtime high school football wins in the state of Mississippi?

Jacob Joshua McClain High School Lexington Mississippi

Which NFL team holds the record for overtime wins in one season?

Cardinals 2011-2012

Which Celtics coach had the most wins?

Red Auerbach had 1037 wins including playoffs.

What is the record for most total wins in a season including playoffs for an NBA team that did not win the championship?

I'm not positive, but this year's Cavs have to be close with 76.

Who is the winningest NFL coach?

Don Shula has the most NFL wins, with 328. He also has the most wins including the playoffs, with 347.The coach with the best winning percentage is Guy Chamberlin. He had a record of 58-16-7 (.784)

Who holds the record for most single season postseason wins as a giants pitcher?

Tim Lincecum who won 4 games in the 2010 playoffs/World Series.

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