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The all-time Hartford Whalers/Carolina Hurricanes franchise record for goals by a defenseman is held by Glen Wesley and Mark Howe, each having scored 51 goals. Howe scored all of his goals as a member of the Whalers.

The Hurricanes record for goals by a defenseman is 38 by Sean Hill.

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2012-04-20 02:23:44
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Q: What is the record for goals by a Carolina Hurricanes defenseman?
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Which defenseman scored the most goals in a season?

Paul Coffey holds the record for most goals scored by a defenseman in both the regular season and playoffs: 1985-86 regular season: 48 goals 1985 playoffs: 12 goals

Who's the first defenseman to score 50 goals in a season?

No defenseman have done it... the closest to 50 goals is Paul Coffey with 48 goals.

Who hold the NHL record for the most goals by a defenseman in a single season?

Paul Coffey - 48 in 1985-86.

Who is the leading defenseman goal scorer in NHL?

Paul Coffey hold this record with 48 goals on 1985-86 Nhl season. Bobby Orr the 2nd 46 goals on 1974-75 Nhl season. Any other NHL defenseman can't reach the 40th goal/season.

Which defenseman has scored the most goals in NHL history?

Ray Bourque - 410 career goals

Which NHL rookie defenseman scored the most goals in a season?

Bobby Orr

What Maple Leaf Defenseman scored 5 goals in a game?

Ian Turnbull

Which Red Wing was the first American born defenseman to score 200 career goals?

Reed Larson

Who played the most NHL games without a goal to start career?

As of March 16, 2008 that is defenseman Terry Murray who went his first 217 games in the NHL without a goal. Current Calgary Flames defenseman David Hale has played 213 games without a goal and has 5 games to go to break Murray's record. The record for most games in between goals is 256 held by Ken Daneyko.

Who have done over 30 goals in NHL as a defenseman?

ray bourque 1994-1995 Paul Coffey playing for Edmonton Oilers '85-86 season 48 goals.

Which team hold the record for most goals scored?

Brazil holds this record for the most goals scored.

What is the nhl record for most goals ever?

15 goals

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