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An NBA Basketball weights 22 ounces

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Q: What is the official weight of an official basketball?
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Official weight of mens basketball?

the offical weight is 20-22oz

Official size and weight of ncaa basketball?

Mens - 29.5 Women's 28.5

Is 28.5 mens size baksetball?

No, 28.5 is a women's size basketball. For a men's size basketball, it should say official size and weight.

Official basketball size?

Official Basketball size for men is 7 and for women is 6.

How much does a basketball weigh in grams?

The weight of a basketball depends on it's size. The official size 7 basketball weight approximately 566.99 - 623.69 grams. The women's' size 6 is a little smaller. It weighs approximately 510.29 - 566.99 grams :) I hope this helped!!

What is the standard weight of a basketball?

The NBA ball is 22 ounces, I belive the official rules are a renge of 20 -22 ounces

What are the differences between an official NCAA basketball and an official NBA basketball?

There the same size, 29.5

What are the characteristics of an official in basketball?

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Official size and weight of nba basketball?

An NBA basketball is 29.5 to 29.875 inches around. It is supposed to weigh about 22 ounces. Internally, there is a rubber bladder that is able to hold air.

What is the official height for a basketball stand?

The official height for an NBA basketball hoop/stand is 10 feet.

How many grams does a basketball weigh?

About 623.7 grams -- the official weight is 22 ounces (avoirdupois), or 1 pound, 6 ounces.

How many centimeters is the official height of a basketball hoop?

The official height of a basketball hoop is 10 feet which is 300cm.

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