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Q: What is the nickname of the University of Florida?
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Which university has the nickname of Hurricanes?

The University of Miami Florida

What is the nickname for Florida State University?


What is Florida nickname?

The Florida Nickname Is "The Sunshine State."

When was Gatorade made?

In 1965, a team of researchers at the University of Florida developed a drink that would replace fluids and salt that was lost during times of exertion. The drink was tested on members of the University of Florida football team and was named Gatorade to honor the University. The nickname of the University of Florida is 'the Gators'.

How did Florida get their nickname?

Florida got it's nickname from the sunny weather and sunshine.

What division one baseball colleges in Florida?

University of Miami University of Florida Florida State University University of Central Florida University of South Florida Florida Atlantic University Florida International University Florida Gulf Coast University Stetson University Jacksonville University University of North Florida Florida A&M University Bethune-Cookman College

What is Tampa's nickname?

what is the nickname of Tampa,Florida

What is the nickname for Princeton university?

The nickname for Princeton University is Old Nassau.

What is the nickname for Utah State University?

The nickname for Utah State University is the 'Aggies'.

What is the nickname of Catholic Georgetown University?

Tigers is the nickname for the Catholic Georgetown University.

What is the nickname for Montana State University?

The nickname for Montana State University is the Bobcats.

What is Florida's nickname?

Florida's nickname is "The Sunshine State". It is on all of Florida's license plates. But there are about nine other nicknames that I didn't mention.

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