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1995 Houston Rockets, a 6th seed.

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Q: What is the lowest seed to win a NBA championship?
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Was there ever an Eighth Seed in the NBA playoffs that won the NBA championship?

no the lowest seed that has ever won an nba championship was the 7th seed Houston rockets in the 90s. Actually, that Houston rockets team was 6th, but yes they were the lowest seeded team to ever win an nba title, in the 1995 NBA Finals

What team was the lowest seed to win a championship?

In 1985, Villanova was a #8 seed when it won the championship.

What is lowest seed to win NCAA championship?

#8 Villinova

What team wasthe lowest seed to win a championship?

Since seeding was added as a component of the NCAA men's basketball tournament in 1979, the lowest-seeded team to win the championship was Villanova, whichwas a #8 seed in 1985.

Lowest seed to win National championship in ncaa basketball?

arizona Villanova was an 8 seed when they won it all in 1985.

What was the lowest ranked college team to win the ncca basketball championship?

Villanova as an 8 seed

Has a men ncaa basketball team won a championship in the 16 seed?

No. No 16th seed has every won the tournament or even won their first game. The lowest seed to ever win the championship is a #8 seed.

How an NBA player can win a NBA ring?

they have to win a championship

How do you get a ring in the NBA?

You win an NBA championship

How many number 8 seeds have won an NBA championship?

None. the 1999 New York Knicks are the only 8th seed to ever reach the NBA finals. they eventually lost to the San Antonio Spurs. the lowest seed to ever win the NBA Finals was the 6th seeded 94-95 Houston Rockets.

What cup does NBA win?

Its Just Called The NBA Finals Championship...The Winners Win Championship Rings Also.

When did the Denver Nuggets win the NBA Championship?

The Nuggets have never won the NBA Championship

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