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Q: What is the longest consecutive game hitting streak in MLB history?
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Longest hitting streak?

The world's longest hitting streak in Major League Baseball history is owned by Joe DiMaggio.Playing for the Yankees in 1941 the Yankee Clipper hit in 56 consecutive games from May 15 until July 16.

Who has the longest hitting streak in Kansas City Royals history?

George Brett had a 30-game hitting streak.

Who has the longest hitting streak in Cincinnati Reds history?

Pete Rose had a 44 game hitting streak in 1978.

Who has the longest hitting streak in Seattle Mariners history?


Who has the longest hitting streak in St. Louis Browns history?

Joe DiMaggio

What player has the longest career hitting streak in MLB history?

Joe Dimmagio

What was Mickey Mantle's longest hitting streak?

Mickey Mantle's longest hitting streak was 16 games.

Which player holds the MLB record for longest consecutive-game hitting streak in a season?

Joe DiMaggio with 56.

Who has the second longest hitting Streak after Joe DiMaggio's 56 game hit streak?

Through the 2008 season, the second longest consecutive game hitting streak in MLB history is 45 games by Willie Keeler of the Baltimore Orioles that started in the final game of the 1896 season and went through the 44th game of the 1897 season.

Which driver had the longest consecutive losing streak in Nascar history?

Michael Waltrip had the longest losing streak before winning at the Daytona 500 in 2001.

Whats the longest hitting streak?

In 1941 Joe Dimaggio of the New York Yankees had a 56 game hit streak which is the longest in MLB history

Who has the 2nd longest hitting streak in Atlanta Braves history?

In Atlanta Braves history, Dan Uggla has had hits in 33 consecutive games, surpassing Rico Carty's previous record of 31. In the history of the Braves' franchise, Uggla is second to Tommy Holmes, who had a 37-game hitting streak in 1945, when the team was in Boston.

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