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Q: What is the biggest margin of victory for an NFL team since the AFC NFC merger?
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Most runs scored in an extra inning?

Just recently the angels scord 10 runs in the 13th to beat the orioles and that was the largest margin of victory in extras since 1963

Was any president reelected with a smaller margin of votes than the first time he was elected?

Yes, both Woodrow Wilson and Richard Nixon were reelected with smaller margins of votes than their first elections. In 1916, Wilson's margin of victory decreased compared to his landslide victory in 1912. Similarly, Nixon's victory margin decreased in 1972 compared to his narrow victory in 1968.

What is the series record for the Pittsburgh Steelers vs Chicago Bears since the merger?

Since the merger, the Chicago Bears lead the series against the Steelers with a 17-7-1 record.

What team has the most rushing yards since afl-nfl merger?


What NFL team has the most rushing yards since the afl-NFL merger?


Which is a biggest rational number?

Since there is no biggest integer, there can be no biggest rational number - since any integer is a rational number with the denominator = 1.

Since 1996 there been more mergers of teams and a new team added . when and why did they merger?

u tell me

Why did the federal reserve try to regulate margin loans and why were it's efforts only partly successful?

The Federal Reserve tried to regulate margin loans to gain control of margin requirements for stocks bought on margin. Regulation T gives the Federal Reserve the authority to change the percentage of the initial margin requirement for margin stock. Since 1974 the Federal Reserve has not deemed it necessary to adjust the margin requirement

When was The Biggest Thing Since Colossus created?

The Biggest Thing Since Colossus was created on 1969-01-09.

What is the largest margin loss in basketball?

The largest lead margin in basketball is the one done by the Philippine teamThe Philippine team registered what could be the world's biggest lead in an international basketball game when it massacred Brunei Darussalam, 160-19, at the Ninoy Aquino Stadium on July 2, 2000. The 141-point lead could be the biggest for any Pinoy team since the Americans introduced basketball in the Philippines. During the game, the RP team limited the Brunei squad to only 19 points.

What is the largest margin any team has won their division by?

A 9 win margin by the New England Patriots in the AFC East of 2007 This is since the 4 team Conferences in the NFL of 2001

What was the conferences the patriots played at?

Since the AFL/NFL merger, the Patriots have always Played in the Amercian Football Conferences' East Division.