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if the shot is on the way down and a player swats the ball. also imagine the rim as a tube up to the ceiling, if the ball is in that cylinder on the rim and a player grabs the ball it is also goal tending.

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Q: What is the basketball goal tending rule?
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If goal tending is illegal what sport is that?

in basketball it is illegal to goal tend.

Was ist goaltending beim basketball?

Was ist goaltending beim basketball? = What is goal-tending in basketball?

In basketball can a shot be blocked after a foul is committed or is this considered goal tending?

It can be considered a blocked if it is legal and all goaltending rules apply

What is gt in ice hockey?

goal tending

What are 3 things you cannot do in basketball?

There are many-some violations are: travel backcourt violation 3 second violation 24 second violation goal tending .....

What is the name of the goal in basketball?

basketball goal

What is goal tending in polocrosse?

Goal tending is when a person stands between the goal posts with a racquet and catches the ball when someone tries to score a goal. If they score then the goal tender holds their racquet straight up in the air. If the miss then the goal tender waves the racquet from side to side.

What is the history of the basketball goal?

what year was the first basketball goal built

How many feet away is the basketball field goal?

Theres no field goal in basketball.

Is a proffessional basketball goal and a high school's basketball goal the same height?


What are 4 main basketball rules?

AnswerThe 4 main rules of Basketball are: Walking or travellingDouble dribbling or Over handing the ball (carrying).Fouling (Hacking, charges, pushing off, holding and Goal tending).Technical Foul (arguing, cursing and intentional fouls).

What are the objections of playing basketball?

Basketball goal kobe bryant basketball

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