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The Pirates play at PNC Park.

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Q: What is the Pittsburgh Pirates home field?
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What state do the Pittsburgh Pirates play their home games?

The Pittsburgh Pirates play their home games in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

What city is home to baseballs Pirates?

it the pittsburgh pirates

Who was the pitcher when Babe Ruth hit his last home run?

Guy Bush of the Pittsburgh Pirates on May 25, 1935 at Forbes Field in Pittsburgh.

The Chicago Cubs and the Pittsburgh Pirates play home baseball games in the states of?

Chicago plays home games at Wrigley Field in Illinois. Pittsburgh plays home games at PNC Park in Philadelphia.

What position did robento clemente play on the Pittsburgh Pirates?

Right field and out field

What position did Roberto Clememte on the Pittsburgh pirates?

Right Field

What is the name of the Pittsburgh Pirates ball field?

PNC Park

Where does the NFL team Pittsburgh Steelers play?

The NFL team the Steelers are based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Their home field is Heinz Field and are headquartered in the UPMC Sports Performance Complex, also in Pittsburgh. They started off as the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1933, but were renamed the Steelers in 1939.

Where do the Pittsburgh Pirates play?

The Pirates play their home games at PNC Park.

What is the home state for the Pittsburgh Pirates to play baseball?

Pittsburgh is a city in Pennsylvania

What state does the Chicago Cubs an Pittsburgh Pirates play their home games?

Cubs- Chicago, Illinois & Pirates- Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

What date did Babe Ruth hit 714th home run?

May 25, 1935 against the Pittsburgh Pirates at Forbes Field in Pittsburgh. He hit three home runs in this game, the final home runs of his MLB career.

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