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kicking the ball

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Q: What is checking the ball down in football?
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In the rules of football if the ball is down but your knee is not down are you down?

If the football itself touchs the ground while you have possesion then you are not down.

Is a college football player down if he touches the ball to the ground?


How do you dribble a ball in football?

If you mean it litterally, you just push the football down and then you'll get the hang of doing it.

How do you player of football player?

The goal of football is to move the ball down the field and into the end zone for a touchdown.

Where might it possible to kick a soccer ball and have it never slow down?

You can kick a soccer ball (football) in outspace and it will never slow down.

When a player loses control of the ball in football and falls down is called?


When is the ball or player considered down in college football?

When the knee or forearm (between wrist and elbow) is down.

If a receiver's knee is down in the end zone and he then catches the ball is it incomplete in college football?

Yes, the ball is caught incomplete because he was down before he caught it.

What are the key factors in shooting technique for football - soccer?

Heel down toe up and strike the ball on the side of the ball

What Is roll-ball in Touch Football?

A roll-ball in touch is were u put the ball down at your feet then step over it and the dummy picks it up

How do you play football in France?

by putting the ball down and kiking it lol, i dont know

Can you say about football?

you should wear the uniform coz' you'llget knocked down if you have the ball.

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