What is a nickel cornerback?

Updated: 10/26/2022
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A Nickel Cornerback is the 3rd String Corner and the Nickel Formation and is used to cover Slot recievers. -----
The nickel back is the fifth defensive back in the secondary. He usually plays on downs where the defensive believes the offense is going to pass the ball.

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Q: What is a nickel cornerback?
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Champ Bailey is statistically the best Cornerback in the history of the NFL.

Who was the Pittsburgh Steelers cornerback that killed other players?

That was only a joke. The player they were referring to on the NFL Network was cornerback Mel Blount. It is not a true story.

Who is the best cornerback?

Darelle Revis and Richard Sherman

Which cornerback was the AP defensive rookie of the year in 1998?

Charles Woodson

What is the best number for a cornerback?

24 in the NFL, or 1 or 2 in college, definitely.

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