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To tell who wins at the end the middle and all over

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It's what the score of the game is currently (i.e. 44-25).

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Q: What is a game score in basketball?
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The objectives in the game basketball?

dribble and score

What are the function of scorer in the basketball game?

To score.

How do you use math when playing basketball?

Score the game.

The team score in a basketball game depends on the number of baskets scored in the game?

Score(baskets), or S(b)

What do basketball players do in games?

they play basketball, try to score baskets, and try to win the game :)

Randy franks basketball did he score 70 points in one half in a basketball game?

== == no he scored 69

What does drive mean in a basketball game?

Go to the hoop so you can score.

What is the score of a Forfeited High School Basketball Game?


What is the period called when the score is tied at the end of a basketball game?


What was the highest score in a mans basketball game?

186 points by Detroit.

Does nba preseason nba count nba score?

Yes they score in the NBA preseason. Every basketball game that has played has a score

What does a person mean when they ask you how many points you scored in a basketball game?

It is a simple question regarding a basketball asking about the number of baskets you score in the game.