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Munson Autographs are hard to find since both Hunter and Munson have passed away, and they are obviously not signing any more memorabilia. Non-collectors might be surprised to learn Munson's autograph on a ball by itself would bring more than the two together on a ball. Alone, Hunter's autograph on a ball would be worth about $75 since he signed many items before his death in 1999. Munson, on the other hand, never signed many items and since he died at the age of 32 as an active player, he was long gone before the collectibles market took off. If Munson's autograph can be displayed as a "single-signed" signature, meaning if it can be displayed without seeing Hunter's - ideally the signatures are registered on separate panels - the ball would command a premium, simply because Munson's lone signature on a ball is a modern rarity due to his untimely death. Regardless, this is a desirable ball worth between $700-1000 and likely more, depending on several variables.

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Q: What is a Wilson Official League baseball signed by Jim Catfish Hunter and Thurman Munson worth?
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