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Q: What is The Minnesota Football team called?
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What is the name of Minnesota American football team called?

The Minnesota Vikings

What is Minnesota's NFL football team?

The Minnesota Vikings.

Which professional football team calls Minneapolis their home town?

Minneapolis is a town in the state of Minnesota, United States America. The professional football team, the Minnesota Vikings, called Minneapolis their home town.

What NFL football team comes from Minnesota?

The football team that represents Minnesota is the Minnesota Vikings. They have a stats page in the NFL website which shows schedules, roster, profile, injuries etc.

What are the Minnesota Vikings?

An American style football team.

Football team beginning with v?

minnesota vikings

What state has the vikings NFL football team?


What is the Minnesota's Football teams mascot?

The Minnesota's football team's mascot is the Viking. They are known as the Minnesota Vikings. Their team color is purple and the mascot looks like a bearded man with a hat with horns on it.

What is the name of the professional football team that plays their home games in Minnesota?

Minnesota Vikings

What are the Minnesota WNBA team called?

However, there is a WNBA (Woman's National Basketball Association). The Minnesota team is called the Minnesota Lunx.

What hotel do the Minnesota Vikings football team stay in when in Minnesota?

The Vikings are from Minnesota so they stay at their own homes.

Why is the Minnesota football team called the Vikings?

It's is called the Vikings because of the Scandanavian heritage of Minnesotans. The original Vikings were brutal raiders from the Scandanavian region of Europe. The name also reflects the brute and strength of the football team!

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